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Real Prop. 487 issue: Who takes the investment risk?

October 03, 2014 By: ATP Category: City of Phoenix

Real Prop. 487 issue: Who takes the investment risk?

Arizona Republic
By: Robert Robb
September 30, 2014

There’s a good debate to be had about Proposition 487. Unfortunately, the opponents are choosing not to have it.

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Election recommendation/information from Phoenix city Councilman Sal DiCiccio

September 30, 2014 By: ATP Category: City of Phoenix

Strongly Consider These Candidates & Propositions


Here are some propositions and candidates receiving bi-partisan approval I think the public should strongly consider in this election:Prop 487: Fixes the broken pension system and replaces it with a 401(k) for NEW employees only.  It saves over $500 million and the stops the abuse of pension spiking.  The government unions have waged an all out smear and disinformation campaign to defeat this well thought out measure.  This proposal does NOT include police or fire. This is for Phoenix voters only. 

Prop 303: This proposal allows people who are terminally ill to try any medication that has been through a phase I approval.  Already passed in 4 states it makes it easier for those that have exhausted every option the right to try other medications here in Arizona and not have to travel o other countries.


Prop 122: Allows Arizona the right to set its own policies and laws and makes Washington pay its own bills.




District 28

Senate: Adam Driggs

House: Shawnna Bolick and Kate Brophy Magee


District 18

Senate: Jeff Dial

House: Jill Norgaard and Bob Robson


Kyrene Schools:

Bernadette Coggins

Kristin Middleton


Tempe High:

Viola Klype

Brandon Schmoll


Corporation Commission:

Tom Forese

Doug Little


My best to you and your family,

Sal DiCiccio

Phoenix City Council; District 6

November 4th Ballot Initiatives

September 18, 2014 By: ATP Category: State

Message from MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro:

I have received quite a few inquiries about the various propositions that will appear on the November 4 Ballot. There are three statewide propositions, one Maricopa County proposition and various city propositions – one of which is Phoenix’s Proposition 487.

Summary of Propositions

122 – Yes

303 – You decide

304 – Yes

480 – Not no, but hell no

487– Yes


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ATP General Meeting

September 17, 2014 By: ATP Category: TTP

Our featured speaker is Christina Corieri. She is the current Chief of Staff to Councilman Sal DiCiccio and a former Policy Health Care Analyst for the Goldwater Institute. Christina will provide insight and perspective on the propositions in this election.

Statewide – 122, 303 and 304
Maricopa County – 480
City of Phoenix – 487

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A message from Councilman Sal DiCiccio

August 19, 2014 By: ATP Category: State


The need for pension reform in Arizona is so great that the New York Times is now covering it. When a librarian gets $286,000 at retirement and THEN starts a $102,000 pension for life -fiscal accountability is needed. I was happy to have the opportunity to speak with the Times about this growing problem. If you would like to read the article, it is available here

While the Arizona legislature needs to address pension reform at the state level, Phoenix voters have the opportunity to vote on real pension reform for city employees in November. 

AZGOP Chairman Calls Upon Voters to Make Voices Heard by Voting Now

August 16, 2014 By: ATP Category: State

AZGOP Chairman Calls Upon Voters to Make Voices Heard by Voting Now
Now Two Weeks to Election Day, Early Voting Gives Arizonans Historic Opportunity to Elect State Leaders

PHOENIX – Today Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party called upon registered voters to ensure their ballots are cast and their voices heard in this month’s election.


“We have a historic opportunity to select a governor in a seat that has been held by incumbents since 2002. We have well-qualified Republican candidates with experiences in Congress, business, law enforcement and public service. Please make sure to cast a vote for the Republican candidate you feel has the experience and values you seek,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often — make your voice heard and encourage your friends and family to get out to vote.”



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Thank You!

August 07, 2014 By: ATP Category: State

We thank the following candidates for their participation in our July "Get To Know the Candidates Round Table" –
Wendy Rogers –  Candidate for Congressional District 9
Justin Pierce – Arizona Secretary of State 
Doug Little – Corporate Commission. 
It was another informative session with the candidates having the opportunity to answer questions from involved citizens.

Thank You

June 29, 2014 By: ATP Category: Opinions

We thank the following candidates for their participation in our June "Get To Know the Candidates Round Table" – Will Cardon, candidate for Secretary of State; Tom Morrissey, candidate for AZ Senate; Jill Norgaard, candidate for AZ House of Representatives; John King, candidate for AZ House of Representatives; Diane Douglas, candidate for Superintendant of Public Instruction.  It was an informative session with the candidates having the opportunity to answer questions from involved citizens.

We had a better way to balance Phoenix’s budget

June 10, 2014 By: ATP Category: City of Phoenix

Phoenix Mayor and some on council passed a budget on a 5-4 vote. This was the closest budget vote in City history. The budget Mayor Stanton and some council supported increased their own personal office budgets, but cut police pay. Additionally, their budget creates a new tax on water and increases fees on seniors, but refuses to address the police shortage, structural budget deficit, and lacks strategic planning.
Please see the column below that appeared in Arizona Republic twice this week where Vice Mayor Jim Waring and I presented our budget plan. Our plan cut nonstrategic functions such as public relations (PR),  lobbying, association dues, travel and dining. 

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Phoenix Pension Reform Act

June 10, 2014 By: ATP Category: City of Phoenix

Phoenix Pension Reform Act

Will appear on your November ballot

  • Ends pension spiking
  • Saves Phoenix taxpayers over $150 million in the first 10 years
  • Offers City employees a defined contribution plan equal to the private sector
  • Puts Phoenix back on a financially sustainable path